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Exhibitions and conferences

Owing to the energetic efforts in the field of promotion of its services in Europe, Middle East, Asia and North Africa, NIIK has become a recognizable company. Participation in the activities of such international organizations as AFA, IFA and FAI contributes to the development of international contacts. During the conferences, workshops and panel discussions  NIIK represents its process developments and their application experience.

NIIK participation in a major conference Nitrogen&Syngas has become traditional. 

NIIK delegates make presentations of the company’s developments and their application experience during international conferences and workshops. 

As a rule during international events  NIIK organizes its own exhibition stand where the company’s specialists conduct negotiations with the representatives of foreign companies. As a result of such meetings company’s specialists are invited to visit urea producing plants in order to carry out technical inspections.

Nowadays the moment has come for the quantity to be transformed into quality. Business contacts with urea plants managers trusting our company and our developments have been made. International cooperation is one of the priorities for NIIK. 

Выставка "Химия-2013", Москва

NIIK participation in one of the major events of the chemical industry, international exhibition of chemical industry and science “Khimiya” 

Held every two years in Moscow, has become traditional since 2001. This exhibition was first organized in 1965 and it is nowadays one of the most prestigious industry exhibitions registered in Global Association of the Exhibition Industry. Its high professional status is highlighted by the badge of honor of the Russian Association of Exhibitions and Fairs.

NIIK representatives participate as well in regional forums with international participation such as International industrial and economic forum “Rossiya Yedinaya”, industry exhibition “RosKhimExpo” in Nizhegorodskaya Fair, international exhibition “Neftegaz” in Moscow and many other events organized in the CIS and make reports and presentations on their developments.

We are sure that the future of the company strongly depends on the efficiency of cooperation established during the exhibitions.

NIIK (former Dzherzhinsk branch of GIAP) organizes international conferences dedicated to urea production problems. 

The first exhibition was held in 1966. Since that time the conferences have been held not only in Dzerzhinsk but also in urea producing plants constructed based on GIAP designs or with GIAP participation.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union and its economic system the conference didn’t cease to exist. In the 90s our company remaining “the chief specialist of the country” in the field of urea continued to organize the conference.  A new impulse to the development of the conference was given in 2002 when the company resumed its dynamic development. Nowadays NIIK organizes the conference once in two years. The list of traditional conference participants includes all the leading industry representatives and foreign partners. 

Over the years of its existence the conference has proved its necessity and efficiency having become the information and business platform of the industry. In this exhibition  NIIK experts represent their nitrogen fertilizers industry analysis and forecast, market prospects, new plants construction experience and existing plants revamps based on NIIK designs.

The most important aspect of the conference is personal communication of the conference participants. Due to the fact that the majority of real industry leaders participate in the conference, the professionals quickly find a common language and topics for discussion. Two or three days of communication give an incentive to new projects and contracts.

We believe that our process solutions will be implemented not only in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries but also worldwide. Intellectual potential and experience obtained by NIIK allow the company to succeed in research and development works including laboratory and experimental studies, in feasibility studies preparation, authority package and detailed design development and in implementation of our proprietary processes. All these services are provided to our local and foreign partners increasing the number of the contracts signed by the company.

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