New fertilizers types

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New fertilizers types
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NIIK is developing new urea based complex fertilizers types

Complex (multinutrient) fertilizers contain several balanced primary nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potash and others). Chemical integration of the nutrients takes place in process of fertilizers manufacturing.

Complex fertilizers allow the plants to use the fertilizer elements more efficiently.

Interest to complex fertilizers arises first of all from their advantages over straight (single nutrient) fertilizers, i.e.:

The most widespread directions for enhancement of complex fertilizers production are capital costs and power consumption reduction, the possibility of mixed fertilizers unit integration with the existing unit, decrease of recycling, production intensification and above all things the possibility of production of a wide range of fertilizers in one unit depending on the market requirements.


NIIK has developed a type of equipment satisfying all the previously mentioned requirements. Our company possesses a flexible fertilizers production process by granulation method in a speed drum granulator allowing to produce a wide range of fertilizers in one unit.