Computer process simulators (CPS)

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Computer process simulators (CPS)

Computer process simulators (CPS) and industrial safety

Recent trend of capacity increase and production facilities intensification including explosion and fire hazardous plants which lead to growth of failure cost of operating personnel makes the problem of highly efficient personal training more acute and significant.

CPS means enhancement of industrial efficiency and safety.

We believe that training staff to operate complicated production units, in particular urea production units is a very important aspect due to different reasons. Among the most important are requirements for production unit safety and its economic efficiency improvement.

CPS means reduction of «human» factor influence on plants safety 

It is common knowledge that implementation of modern APCSs and control quality improvement reduces number of start ups/failures and emergencies at production facilities. But in its turn, it reduces operators’ skills’ level to act in emergency situations.

The systematic approach to personal training and its professional level maintenance is becoming more acute.

CPS — is an effective training (retraining) system for industrial facilities personnel.

CPS — is the most effective way of personnel training (retraining) which provides quality improvement of personnel education through all modern multimedia means.

CPS-is an effective system for personnel professional level enhancement.

Unlike other companies NIIK pays attention to each specific activity being a part of any educational process. Functional structure of CPS consists of:

  • theoretical part (electronic documentations representing process knowledge base)
  • testing part (theoretical knowledge testing)
  • practical part (providing acquiring and mastering of practical skills) 
  • evaluation part (practical skills are assessed in simulation conditions of different modes, including failure and emergency situations)

Our work typically revolves around the development of simulation models for urea production facilities, but setting our attention in a solution-focused style to support and accompany our clients, we are able to build the simulator model for any chemical facility on the basis of plant design data and best-estimate calculations. 

Computer process simulators designed by NIIK have been implemented in the following plants:

1. Acron, Veliky Novgorod, Russia - urea production unit (Invensys Foxboro I/A Series operator interface), 2013
2. NAK Azot, Novomoskovsk, Russia - urea production unit №3, second line (Yokogawa Centum CS300 operator interface), 2013
3. Agro Cherepovets, Cherepovets, Russia – urea production unit (Honeywell TDC-3000 operator interface), 2012
4. NAK Azot, Novomoskovsk, Russia - urea production unit №2 (Yokogawa Centum CS300 operator interface), 2007