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NIIK has the capabilities to perform a set of technical and economic documentation for construction, as well as for operation and decommissioning of chemical production facilities. NIIK can perform the functions of general designer of chemical production facilities.  

Pre-project engineering

Design engineering

Authority package (project documentation) is developed in accordance with the requirements of the RF Government Resolution No. 87 of 16.02.2008. "On the composition of sections of design documentation and requirements to their content" and GOST R 21.101-2020 SPDS "Basic requirements for design and working documentation". Necessity and scope of development of project documentation sections are determined by the Customer and specified in the design assignment.

Detail engineering is developed in accordance with the requirements of GOST R 21.101-2020 SPDS "Basic requirements for project documentation and detail engineering" and other requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

NIIK in cooperation with leading local and foreign companies develops non-standard process equipment, including high-pressure equipment. Both complex design of process plants and development of any sections of project documentation and detail engineering documentation according to the Customer's assignment are possible.

Post-project engineering

Besides core business activities NIIK is also performing:

NIIK has BIM engineering competencies confirmed by decades of work and a number of facilities for which digital twins have been created. Over the years of practice, creation of models in leading software packages (Aveva, SiSoft Development) has become more than just conventional modeling. Through the development of advanced databases, flexible configuration of the software, integration of calculation complexes and process control in accordance with internal procedures, such modeling has grown into a full-fledged design.

The main tool of BIM-engineering in NIIK is the program complexes Model Studio CS on the platform of nanoCAD, CADLib Model and Archive, which allow to create and manage parametric model of the object, but also to treat it together with "point clouds", to embed it in the construction schedule, to transfer it to third-party applications in IFC format, as well as to receive initial data for calculation programs such as START and Hydrosystem and import calculation values from them.