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Project engineering

NIIK offers its customers the full complex of services, including pre-project activities and comprehensive engineering services. It also undertake a broad range of activities in supporting chemical facilities and their dismantling.

Front end engineering

Estimation of technological processes and equipment

Development of a notice of intent

Preparation of feasibility studies, technical economic calculations, Business plans, technical and commercial offers.

Project engineering

IMG_3863.JPG Project documentation is being developed according to requirements of the Governmental Decree of 16 February 2008 No 87 «On composing design documentation charters and on requirements to their content» and GOST P 21.1101-2009 «Main requirements for design and working documents». Upon request, the company will provide to Customer necessary documentation of process and\or basic engineering design package.

Detailed design package is being developed upon GOST P 21.1101-2009 «Main requirements for design and working documents» and other GOSTs for main sets of drawings.

Section 1 "Explanatory note";

Section 2 "Scheme of a land lot planned organization";

Section 3 "Architectural solutions";

Section 4 "Construction lay-out and arrangement solutions";

Section 5 "Information about engineering equipment, engineering support networks, list of engineering activities, process solutions content” with subsections:

a) "Electricity supply system";
b) "Water supply system";
c) "Water disposal system";
d) "Central heating, ventilation and air conditioning, heating systems";
f) "Communication networks";
g) "Gas supply system";
h) "Process solutions".

Section 6 "Construction management plan";

Section 8 "List of environment protection activities";

Section 9 "Fire-safety activities";

Section 10.1 Measures for energy efficiency and capability of energy metering devices in buildings, structures and facilities.

Section 11 "Estimation of capital construction objects building";

Section 12 b1 «List of civil defense activities, predicting emergency situations of natural and man-made disasters»;

Section 12c1 «Safety Requirements for capital construction objects»

Sections 5, 6, 9 and 11 of the project documentation are being developed in full for capital construction objects and are covered wholly or in part by the relative budgets. For other sections the amount of data is determined by the Customer and is included into Design Basis.

IMG_6975.JPG NIIK develops successful cooperation with Russian and foreign manufacturing companies working in the field of chemical engineering. We supply various kind of technological equipment of high pressure design working up to 400°C and 32 MPa used when handling in toxic, corrosion, explosive and flammable environment. Equipment can be located in areas with ambient temperature from – 50 to + 50 ° C with earthquake intensity index up to 9 (MK-1964) and also in sinkhole-prone zones.

Upon request NIIKprovides services on complex designing as well as development of any section of project documentation.

Post-project engineering

IMG_7108.JPG Engineer maintenance of a project documentation expertise.

Author supervision for construction, technological units assembly

Besides core business activities NIIK:

is also performing design and construction projects for mechanized warehouses involving bulk materials, loadings units for mineral wagons, bagging units (using bags and soft containers), packaging units and other storage facilities for different kinds of products.
leads designing and construction projects on liquid chemicals storage facilities and cooling unit as well as adaptation of existing facilities to required norms and regulations.
leads designing and construction projects on liquid chemicals storage facilities and cooling unit as well as adaptation of existing facilities to required norms and regulations
performs classification of buildings, structures and outdoor installations on fire and explosion hazards , calculation of explosion proof operating conditions for technological units.

NIIK has up-to date licensed soft wear for design, engineering and scientific research.

All places of employment are equipped with modern computers and software meeting all the requirements for design criteria.

The document certifying the right of implementing project activities and acting as general designer – certificate of non profit partnership «Promoting the development of architectural and building designing «Neftegasohimproject»