Ammonium nitrate NH4NO3, a salt of ammonia and nitric acid,

   is a white, crystalline substance melting at 169,6 °C. When heated above 169,6°C partially decomposes. Complete decomposition occurs at a temperature of 210°C. The boiling point at increased pressure is 235°C. The molecular weight is 80,04. The detonation velocity is 2570 m/sec.
   The ammonium nitrate is produced with the use of conditioning agents containing magnesium, calcium, sulphate or sulphate with phosphate. Surface acting agents are required when using additives with sulphate and phosphate.
   Ammonium nitrate is widely used in fertilizers. It is produced in two grades A-grade – used as a raw material in industry and B-grade used for agricultural needs (B -grade can also be used for industrial application).


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