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Urea is carbamic acid amide or carbon dioxide diamide with formula H2NCONH2. It is a white crystal soluble in polar solvents (water, ethanol, liquid ammonia).

Urea melting point is 132,7°C, its density is 1,33•103 kg/m3.

Two urea grades are produced: grade A is applied in chemical industry and animal farming, grade B is applied in agriculture.

Urea application:

- urea is generally applied in agriculture as nitrogen fertilizer with 46% nitrogen content. Urea for agricultural purposes is produced in a caking-resistant granulated form.

- another important industrial urea application is urea-aldehyde resins synthesis (first of all urea-formaldehyde resins synthesis) which are widely used as adhesives in fiberboards and furniture manufacturing.

- urea derivatives are efficient herbicides.

- urea is used for removal of nitrogen oxides from flue gases exhausted by thermal electric power stations, boiler houses, waste incineration plants, internal-combustion engines, etc.

- urea is a registered E927b food additive.

Another promising urea application is a production of 32,5% urea solution applied for diesel engines exhaust gases purification. Application of this solution brings emissions chemical composition into compliance with Euro 4 and Euro 5 standards. In this case application of prilled urea is preferable due to its physical properties.

NIIK offers its proprietary urea process, engineering services and time-proven, energy-saving, investment-efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions:

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