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NIIK performs certification of measurement techniques of quantitative chemical analysis intended for analytical, ecological and sanitary control of urea and organic synthesis products production processes.

Metrological service is certified for carrying out metrological testing by Federal Accreditation Service (Accreditation certificate №01.00224-2013 dated August 07 2013) 

Metrological service performs urea and organic synthesis products’ chemical composition (including production and consumption waste) measurement procedures assessment.

Types of process control:

  • potentiometric 
  • conductometric
  • titrimetric 
  • spectrophotometric
  • photometric 
  • gravimetric 
  • chromatographic

The range of works in measurement procedures certification (in accordance with GOST 8.563)

  • consulting assistance when development documentation for measurement procedures;
  • metrological testing of measurement procedures - evaluation of adequate functioning of measurement instrument, accuracy of measurement and analysis performed; 
  • calculation and experimental investigation of measurement procedures and setting indicators of accuracy and quality assurance regulations 
  • determining conformity of inaccuracy rate with existing norms and making decision on issuing certificate of attestation
  • registration of certified measurement technique in the Federal Information Fund for Ensuring the Uniformity of Measurements.