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Construction management services

NIIK provides a range of construction management services, including: 

  • project scheduling; 
  • holding tenders to select contractors for procurement of equipment, works and services, budget coordination, project cost control; 
  • contracts coordination (construction contracts preparing and signing);
  • construction\assembly\finishing and repair work management; 
  • participating in exploring project solutions, design coordination, instant replacement and/or purchasing of material and equipment;
  • schedule control; 
  • technical supervision; 
  • quality control of construction and assembly works; 
  • material, products, structures and equipment conformity monitoring; 
  • compliance monitoring (verifying compliance with design solutions, applicable laws, rules, standards and specifications); 
  • compliance with proposed project solutions; 
  • IMG_3968.JPGcoordination of documents on construction and assembly works;
  • registration of required technical documentation, completion and acceptance of the work; 
  • amounts\quality control of materials and works performed;
  • submitting and coordination of acceptance documents; 
  • participation in starting up and commissioning activities.


We offer comprehensive construction management. Our construction management team can take care of everything from initial planning to post-construction details. Although we can do any part of the work required, acting as: 

  • Technical customer – performing work control, engineering supervision, compliance with deadlines; 
  • Technical Supervision – carrying out technical supervision and quality control

IMG_3845.JPG Recent references:

  1. Metafrax, Gubakha, Russia, Ammonia-urea-melamine complex, under development
  2. Ammoni, Mendeleevsk, Russia – «Ammonia- Methanol- Urea» complex construction, Tatarstan, Russia, 2010-2015
  3. Zawolzhsky Motorny Zawod, Zavolshye, Russia – project development and construction of testing station for diesel engines, 2009
  4. Zawolzhsky Motorny Zawod, Zavolshye, Russia – revamp of sulphuric acid storage unit, 2006-2007
  5. Zawolzhsky Motorny Zawod, Zavolshye, Russia – petrol storage unit construction, 2006