Melamine technologies

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Melamine technologies
The synthesis of melamine can be performed by two methods: 
1. Calcium cyanamide is converted into dicyandiamide and then heated to produce melamine. 
The method was used in early production processes:

3 (NH2)2C=N—C=N → 2С3Н6N6

2. Today most industrial manufacturers use urea in the following reaction:

Both types of units (using dicyandiamide and using urea) have been in operation up to the 1970s. 


NIIK has developed its own method for continuous production of melamine from dicyandiamide. Based on the above technology HP unit with capacity 6000 t/y was designed in chemical factory in Kirovakan (Republic of Armenia). 

NIIK also has melamine production technology from urea under pressure which is based on the originally designed in 1950-60s by Montedison (Italy).The unit using this method was launched in Kirovacan in 1968.

Tight cooperation with plant engineers while solving the occurring problems concerning reactor heating and its intensification, improvement melamine quality, waste waters treatment has brought NIIK enough experience to design our own improved melamine unit which was launched in 1985.

After a break of 20 years scientific research work on synthesis of melamine was resumed.

Comparing to the concept realized by our company in the end of 80s, the contemporary technology has some significant changes which allow us to present it as a new «alkali- type» technology of HP melamine production «Melamine-NIIK-2011». 

In 2012 based on this technology a new melamine production technology «Melamine-NIIK-2012» - a modernized  version of «alkali-type» technology of Montedison company was presented. 

Melamine process licensors:
«Ammonia» technology: Eurotechnica 
HP technology («alcali–type» technology): Agrolinz Melamine International and NIIK
LP technology («catalytic» technology): DSM

Melamine production units using Tsinhua company LP technology were constructed in Korea republic. The mentioned technology was implemented for melamine project in Nevinnomyssk (production unit capacity 50000 t/y) performed by Lurgy company (Germany) with NIIK participation.

Невинномысск.jpg Невинномысск1.jpg Невинномысск2.jpg 

NIIK implemented projects for production of various triazine derivatives including cyanuric acid, organic and inorganic cyanurates and isocyanurates, etc. 
A semi commercial unit for melem production using dicyandiamide and\or melamine was designed and constructed in Kirovakan.