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Equipment Procurement

During its history over 60 years NIIK has been charged with developing optimal process solution of various complexity for urea, urea-based, melamine, melamine derivatives, isocyanates, phosgene, cyanides production facilities.

NIIK has dynamic partnerships with a large number of leading manufacturing and mechanical engineering companies both in Russia and in Europe.

Inventions of NIIK employees that have been patented in many countries guarantee reliable operation of these equipment and materials in the most severe weather and operating conditions, in particular:

NIIK has expanded its scope from research and design works to development and supply of high pressure equipment and steel materials and is ready to supply equipment as a part of the package and at individual orders.  

High pressure equipment 

Internal devices in high pressure equipment 

Complete modernized distributing device in a stripper pos.Е-201. Strippers are used to remove non converted NH3 и CO2 from process stream with the further return to the synthesis unit. It is one of the key units of the stripping process. 

Complete modernized distributing device in a carbamate condenser pos.Е-202. The distributing device located at the top part of carbamate condenser is used for: 

Set of internal devices in  a synthesis reactor . 

Based on the performed studies, as well as taking into account the experience of operation of various designs of internal devices in urea synthesis columns, a set of internal devices for creating an optimal hydrodynamic regime in the column has been developed.

Internal devices installed in the urea synthesis reactor improve the following parameters:

Granulating equipment 

NIIK offers the equipment and complete set of granulation units for chemical plants based on the developed and patented process technology of granule processing in the high-speed drum granulator (HSDG).  This unit allows to obtain a higher quality product. 

Equipment for reconstruction of units with liquid recycle 

MP distiller  is designed for separation of liquid and gaseous phases, for heat recovery of gases and for preliminary evaporation of urea solution. 

LP distillatory  is a combination of three units: distillation column, heater and second stage distillation separator. The top part of the unit includes a mass transfer and separating part with a feeding module, mass exchange trays and a distributor plate for feeding solution over the tube plate of the LP preheater located at the bottom part of the distiller. 

Heat exchanging section  is being represented by film heat exchanger where decomposition of urea and ammonia stripping is being performed because of MP distillation gases heat. 

Second stage  distillation preheater is a vertical shell and tube heat exchanger with fixed tube sheets, removable cap of elliptical shape and a bottom. The vessel is designed for utilization of heat of the first stage distillation gases. 

Stripper-distillator  is a column that strips ammonia, carbon dioxide and water from urea solution in a steam of fresh carbon dioxide by the heat released from condensing water steam on a shell side. 

Packaged delivery 

NIIK offers a wide range of integrated supplies of all necessary components for the of urea plants revamps:

Steel 02X25H22AM2 (Sandvik 2RE69, W-Nr 1.4466) is used for manufacture of rolled products, sheets and pipes, determination of their mechanical and metallographic characteristics, corrosion tests of products made of these steels and their welded joints under urea synthesis conditions, both at laboratory and industrial facilities.

As a result, it is possible to supply a full range of steel products and welding materials for urea plant from the local warehouse.

Supply of steel products and elements of synthesis column liners  

Availability of 03X17H14M3, 02X25H22AM2 grades of rolled steel in stock allows NIIK to manufacture and supply sets and separate elements of synthesis column liners in short terms, such as: segments of bottom liners, cylindrical liner elements rolled to size, transition parts of liners, forgings for manufacturing of fittings, sealing rings of synthesis column covers.

Lining deliveries are supplied with welding materials and lining strips. 
NIIK follows the best international practices in its operations and is always open for cooperation with both manufacturers of steel products and customers of chemical plants.