Igor Esin President & CEO «NIIK nowadays is a company with high quality of services, good working conditions, deserving and stable salary, opportunities for career development. NIIK’s services are in demand today and it can’t but please both management and personnel. In other words NIIK today– is confidence in tomorrow»
Oleg Kostin General Director «We will go in the direction of our activities expansion on foreign urea market as well as maintaining present partnership with established customers»
Alexander Shishinov Technical Director «Сritical success factors of NIIK's specialists is a flexible approach to work, adaptability and successful partnership»
Nikolay Lobanov Deputy General Director «Advanced technologies and 60 years of experience offer unique advantage to our business»
Andrey Shkanakin Financial Director «JSC “NIIK” being a dynamically progressing engineering company, invests and will go on investing in modernization and development of its technical and scientific potential»
Yulia Yudina HR Director «The main value for NIIK is our team of professionals, which is the basis of success and prosperity. That’s why our HR-strategy is based on principles of long-term cooperation, mutual respect and sustainable development. We take responsibility for the main company’s resource! »
Juriy Bychkov Construction Director «From A to Z»/«From project to end consumer» are not only company's slogans. NIIK's specialists assume a part of customer's responsibilities and duties ensuring coordination within the project: responding to changes in the external environment and suggesting alternative solutions, taking into account the specific requirements and managing the relations with government during engineering and construction. When working on project we know how that all things will operate»
Ludmila Kalinina Deputy General Director (Economy&Finance) «Inspiring a customer to the new projects, take responsibilities for the work we are in and strive for efficiency in what we do are main objectives of the company»
Ivan Smirnov IT director «Applying modern technologies, best practices and using up to date software design tools allow ourselves to constantly improve. Continuous improvement of company's services is our way to success»
Nikolay Dremov Administrative director «Ensuring flawless and accident-free functioning of company’s infrastructure and creating safe and comfortable work environment are the key elements to successful team work»