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An Inside Job
Vorobiev Alexander and Anderzhanov Rinat, NIIK, Russia, explain how internal urea reactor devices can help to improve efficiency in urea... Read More World Fertilizer, November-Desember 2018


Interview of O. N. Kostin, Director General of JSC NIIK, to the GBC website
On today’s highly competitive international gas market, deeper gas processing is becoming a well-felt need... Read More 09.08.2017
Stepping up prilling and granulation
Rinat Anderzhanov and Nikolay Shestakov, NIIK, Russia, outline recent developments the company has undertaken in fertilizer prilling and granulation... Read More World Fertilizer, January- February 2017


Prilling and granulation. Prilling towers: revamping concept and new prilling towers. Granulation in the High-Speed Drum Granulators
Conventional prilling towers seem not to meet all the requirements of up-to-date regulations and market demand... Read More Asian Nitrogen and Syngas 2016 Conference (November 2016, Jakarta, Indonesia)
Flexible, cost-effective and energy efficient technology for the production of value-added fertilisers
The report considers the main principles of granulation technology in High Speed Drum Granulation (HSDG) unit, its technical and economic performances and advantages, the range of product produced in HSDG and recent references and associated engineering services provided by NIIK... Read More Asian Nitrogen and Syngas 2016 Conference (November 2016, Jakarta, Indonesia)


From prills to granules
When a prilling tower limits urea unit capacity? granulation technology can be used to fatten prills, resulting in greater capacity and improved poduct quality, due to the increase in the average size of the prills and the improved prill strength... Read More Nitrogen and Syngas , May-June 2015


NIIK’s approach to energy efficiency
Technology developed by NIIK has extended the operating lives of many urea plants in the Former Soviet Union and enhanced their efficiency and competitiveness... Read More Fertilizer International (458) Jan-Feb 2014
Equipment Management: Effective Solutions
Each year NIIK inspects 10-20 urea plants diagnosing corrosion and evaluating technical condition of the equipment... Read More Nitrogen + Syngas International Conference & Exhibition (Paris 24-27 February 2014)
NIIK APC for urea plants
NIIK recognises the importance of advanced process control in improving plant efficiency, especially the efficiency of the DCS... Read More Nitrogen+Syngas (330) Jul-Aug 2014
Enhanced urea synthesis
NIIK has demonstrated the benefits of installing its vortex mixer in urea reactor revamps to improve the energy efficiency of the urea synthesis section and to provide enhanced capacity of the urea unit... Read More Nitrogen+Syngas (332) Nov-Dec 2014
QAFCO initiates pilot plant for product diversification
QAFCO contracts NIIK to install a new high speed drum granulation unit to produce value added urea as well as fertiliser compounds... Read More 05 - Arab Fertiliser (69) Dec 2014
Increasing the efficiency of the urea synthesis reactor
Based on the accumulated experience NIIK can offer a number of activities aimed at increasing of urea unit capacity and improving of energy efficiency... Read More Arab Fertiliser (70) Dec 2014


Production of compound fertilizers
Both demand and supply of compound fertilizers are seeing tremendous growth at the moment, and both are expected to steadily increase in the future, outstripping the average demand increase for other types of fertilizers… Read More Nitrogen+Syngas (321) Jan-Feb 2013
Equipment management spiral of progress
Equipment used in chemical industry is the most advance from engineering point of view at the moment of its initial application… Read More Arab Fertiliser (67)
Advanced prilling technologies 4 revamp methods to achieve best prilling tower performance
In 80% of existing urea plants commodity urea is produced in prilling towers… Read More Arab Fertiliser (64)
Repairing and Extending the Cycles of HP Vessels by SMAW in Urea Plant
Urea synthesis section requires quite a significant number of HP vessels (reactor, stripper, condenser and scrubber)… Read More Indian Journal Of Fertilisers Vol 9 (8) Aug 2013


Prills, granular or pastilles?
A look at alternative technologies for urea manufacture, and the latest advances... Read More Fertilizer International (451) Nov-Dec 2012


High-Efficient Methods of Heat-Exchangers Cleaning
Technical specialists of R&D Institute of Urea started developing solutions for heat-exchange equipment cleaning due to the process conditions breaks at urea plants, corrosion phenomenon and mechanical damages of heat-exchange equipment caused by faulty cleaning of heat-exchange equipment… Read More Arab Fertiliser (61)
Process simulators for safety and efficiency
Dr Vladimir Brusov, head of optimal control systems department for the R&D Institute of Urea (NIIK) in Russia discusses the role of computer process simulators in enhancing the safety and efficiency of industrial facilities… Read More Nitrogen+Syngas (309) Jan-Febr 2011
Eurotecnica and NIIK sign cooperation agreement
The Research and Design Institute of Urea (JSC 'NIIK') has signed a cooperation agreement with Eurotecnica Contractors and Engineers, covering urea and melamine… Read More Nitrogen+Syngas (311) May-June 2011


Urea Process Improvements, Workshop of ISC NIIK (Research and Design Institute of Oreal), Russia
"Urea process improvements" workshop was organized by JSC NIIK on 13-14 July, 2009 in New Delhi, Clarion Collection hotel. This event was organized specially for Indian urea producers... Read More Annual Fertilizer Bulletin 2009-2010


Efficiency enhancement of urea synthesis reactor
JSC NIIK Research and Design Institute of Urea has 55 years of experience in designing of new and revamping of old urea production units… Read More Arab Fertilizer (54)
Revamping urea plants for increased production
One of the basic elements in the revamping concept developed by NIIK is the modernisation of the synthesis unit… Read More Nitrogen Syngas (297) Jan-Feb 2009
Urea Production in a High Speed Drum Granulator
JSC NIIK owns proprietary flexible technology for urea production in a high speed drum granulator… Read More Indian Journal Of Fertilisers Vol. 5 (5) May 2009
A new generation of prilling towers
The most recently constructed urea plants have mainly adopted granulation technology, and the older established prilling technology appeared to have been superseded… Read More Fertilizer International (4311) Jul-Aug 2009
Urea Production Technologies "Urecon" Revamping and Grass-Root Construction
Urea Production Technologies "Urecon" Revamping and Grass-Root Construction… Read More Indian Journal Of Fertilisers Vol. 5 (12) Dec 2009


Improved urea prilling technologies
Research and Design Institute of Urea, Russia is the leading company in development of basic and detailed projects for prilling towers of different design... Read More Arab fertilizer (52)


Experience as an advantage
Galina Pechnikova of JSC NlfK, Russia, discusses her company's design and equipment solutions for the nitrogen fertilizer industry… Read More Nitrogen and Syngas (285) Jan-Feb 2007