Nitric Acid

Weak nitric acid – is a non-combustible, fire dangerous liquid, which causes spontaneous ignition of materials in the contact of various combustible materials.

Chemical formula: HNO3. CAS registry number: 7697-37-2.

Relative molecular mass – 63,0128.

According to GOST 12.1.007 the weak nitric acid refers to the 3rd substance hazard category by toxicity.

The nitric acid is one of the raw substances for production of the majority of nitrogen containing species. The main amount of produced nitric acid (up to 70-80 %) is forwarded for production of mineral fertilizers.

Besides that, the nitric acid is used in the following ways:

The following types of the nitric acid are currently industrially manufactured:

NIIK offers the following services for the Nitric Acid plants:

modernization of the large-scale plants АК-72 / АК-72М:

revamp of existing plants UKL-7

Greenfield development of the plants UKL-7-76М with a capacity of 130 000 tons per year