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Liquid commodity form: UAN solution - urea-ammonia mixture.
UAN (mixture of urea and ammonium nitrate aqueous solutions) is the unique liquid fertilizer that contains three forms of nitrogen: ammonium nitrogen, amide nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen. JSC NIIK UAN technology allows production of the product by three methods depending on the current needs: from pure gaseous ammonia of the plant network, from ammonia vents of the urea workshop and by mixing ammonium nitrate and urea. Such approach assures saving of raw materials, is environmentally friendly and energy efficient. In 2021 an UAN plant of 1200 TPD was successfully put into operation.

Producing UAN from pure gaseous ammonia
Nitric acid and gaseous ammonia from the plant network are supplied for neutralization to an upgraded neutralization heat apparatus of proprietary design. The generated juice vapor is sent to the scrubber for purification. A weak solution of ammonium nitrate is returned for neutralization and juice vapor condensate is removed for processing. Juice vapor heat is used to warm up gaseous ammonia. Ammonium nitrate solution formed during neutralization is mixed with urea solution and passes through neutralization stage. Then UAN solution is filtered, a corrosion inhibitor is added to it, and the finished product is shipped to consumers.

Producing UAN from gas vents of the urea workshop takes place following the same scheme.
The only difference is using gas vents instead of ammonia. Such vents have a high temperature and there is no need in their warming up. In this case, the production cost of ammonium nitrate solution will be the lowest due to the fact that ammonia contained in gas vents has already been considered in urea production.

Producing UAN from ready-to-use solutions
Ammonium nitrate solution is mixed with urea solution, passes through final neutralization, and then follows the same scheme. It is worth mentioning that the presented schemes can be additionally equipped with sections for final evaporation of initial solutions in case their concentration is insufficient for UAN production.

Services of JSC NIIK
JSC NIIK provides its services on project and detailed design documentation development, assistance during project documentation expertise, performance of engineering surveys and civil structures inspection, as well as services on supervised installation, site supervision, start-up and commissioning works and warranty testing. JSC NIIK is also ready to perform package procurement of materials, pipelines, shut-off and control valves, equipment and instrumentation for UAN unit.

Producing new urea-based products:
АUS32 urea solution
The market of AUS32 urea solution, an analogue of AdBlue trademark used for treatment of diesel vehicle exhaust gases, is rapidly developing. AUS32 is a solution of high purity urea (32.5%) in demineralized water. There are three methods of 32.5% solution producing: from solid raw material, from highly concentrated urea melt, from urea solution. Selection of one or another method depends on specific conditions. JSC NIIK has developed a related technology and successfully implemented a unit for AUS32 solution production.