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Baltic Gas Chemical Company, Saint-Petersburg, Russia Baltic methanol production plant 1)  Adaptation of   MHI  basic engineering documentation  with the  requirements of  Russian Federation;
2) Authority Package development;
3) Acting as general design contractor responsible for providing technical specifications, design data,  getting  all necessary permits and authorizations  including final  building permit.
4) Acting for   Customer at supervisory and expert bodies.
Under development
ShchekinoAzot, Shchekino, Russia Methanol production unit Reviewing options for unit location at ammonia, urea and supfuric acid production complex site 2016
Novoroscement Novorossiysk, Russia Methanol production unit Reviewing options for unit location at Novoroscement site 2016
National Chemical Company, Russia Gaz -chemical complex (Kozmino, Primorsky territory) Declaration of intention development; Environmental Impact Assessment (front-end engineering stage);
Declaration  compliance with local codes,  authority permits and approval;
Participation in public hearings,  customer support 
CREON-ENERGY, Moscow, Russia  Methanol production Investment feasibility studies 2014

 «Ammonia-Methanol-Urea» complex»  (Tatarstan, Russia)

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries,  
Architectural  and civil   documentation of urea production units and adjoining processing facilities 2010-2015
Harmonization of the documentation developed by foreign companies with the  requirements of  Russian Federation, equipment delivery, equipment certification (including foreign contractors equipment) 2010-2015
Mendeleevsk, Tatarstan,
«Ammonia- Methanol- Urea» complex

Off- plant facilities construction (ammonia, urea, methanol, acid, alkalis  storage units; loading/ unloading racks; waste-treatment facilities; demineralized water units, water recycling units, service- and- office buildings,  substations, high- voltage transmission line (110 kW), automatic process control system, railroad, flare devices etc )

Off plant facilities: turnkey construction projects including  engineering,  equipment delivery,  construction and erection works, commissioning operations, operational documentation  development, supervision etc. 2010-2015
Ammoni, Mendeleevsk, Russia Chemical complex: ammonia- methanol – urea Development of basic design for urea plant. 2008 – 2009