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NIIK team attended a worldwide famous Technical Conference and Exhibition Nitrogen & Syngas 2019 that took place in Berlin, Germany

From 4th to 7th March 2019 NIIK’s representatives took part in a highly reputed technical conference and exhibition in the field of nitrogen fertilizers and syngas production “Nitrogen & Syngas 2019” hosted in Berlin, Germany. This year the following members joined NIIK’s team: Chairman of the Board Igor Esin, General Director Oleg Kostin, Head of Moscow office Sergei Suvorkin, Deputy Director for Science Nikolai Lobanov, Deputy Technical Director for Design Engineering Olga Uriavina, Head of Maintenance Department Aleksandr Chirkov, Senior Specialist for Nitric Acid technologies Natalia Temnaia, Head for International Business Development Department Natalia Kargaeva, Head of International Project Coordination Department Olesia Sineva and International Projects Leader Dmitry Obedin.

A total number of the Nitrogen & Syngas conference attendees exceeded 800 people from about 200 countries.

The most part of presentations and papers within the congress sessions was about ammonia, methanol, nitric acid and urea process technologies. As for NIIK’s specialists, they took the greatest interest in the papers regarding innovative energy-efficient methanol plants, ammonia units based on renewable energy, increase the energy efficiency of urea plants. A special attention was attracted to the presentations by Saipem, Casale and Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions regarding the recent trends in the nitrogen fertilizer industry.

In accordance with the conference program head of NIIK’s Moscow office Sergei Suvorkin presented his paper «NIIK’s experience in expanding nitric acid production through the construction of two single-pressure units». The attendees highly appreciated the fact that all proposed technical solutions have already been tested and implemented in existing operational plant in Russia. There were questions from technical specialists about the applicability of the technology described for all types of production units and what can be the client interaction procedure. All the queries raised were answered in details in the conference hall and later at the NIIK’s exhibition booth.

Within the conference NIIK’s engineers took part also in a special program of technical showcases about the most effective solutions of industrial problems. Head of NIIK’s maintenance department Aleksandr Chirkov shared with foreign colleagues the NIIK's experience in diagnostics and repairs of chemical production units using the recent case of urea reactor relining at the Nitrogenmuvek plant in Hungary in 2018. Participants of the event highly appreciated the professionalism, choice quality and operational efficiency of all repair works done by Russian specialists.

It is well recognized that the Nitrogen & Syngas conference was always considered as one of the key places to arrange the talks and discuss possible ways of cooperation with Russian and foreign partners. This time NIIK’s management and specialists held more than 30 negotiations with leading international technology licensors and urea, ammonium, ammonium nitrate and nitric acid producers. Within a few days of the conference the NIIK’s team succeeded to discuss the major issues of existing projects and map out the plans for further mutual work with different companies from all over the world.

The attendance of NIIK’s exhibition booth by the Nitrogen & Syngas visitors remain a very important factor. Many nitrogen fertilizers and equipment producers from Europe, Asia and Middle East countries got interested in our solutions in the field of modernization of process technologies, corrosion inspections and high quality repairs of HP equipment.
In conclusion, it is worth noting that the NIIK’s exhibition booth took a rightful place in one of the largest world exhibition and conferences, which is Nitrogen + Syngas, and technical reports and solutions by NIIK’s engineers attract increased attention from foreign partners all over the world. Even before the end of the congress part NIIK got an invitation to take part in the next 33rd conference in 2020.

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