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Steps to international expansion success 11.08.2015

Steps to international expansion success

Currently twelve members – largest manufacturing companies of Europe  and Former Soviet Union are attending  the Task Force. The main purpose  is   improving the coverage of supply-related statistical information on the fertilizer markets in EECA region,  more specifically for a number of countries on which IFA has little current or low reliable information.

The Task Force collects and publishes current statistics identifying gaps in key countries in EECA, setting priorities for addressing the main shortfalls and formulating proposals to improve IFA coverage on the fertilizer markets in EECA. Collaborative work of the members would facilitate contacts in key countries  to ensure a regular flow of information to IFA Secretariat.

The members of the PIT have access to new regional statistical publications on fertilizer supply and demand. The work of the Task Force is carried out through the web site and emails, meetings could be also called when appropriate.

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NIIK together with other world top leaders in the field of licensing, equipment manufacturing and procurement has become a VIP- sponsor  of internet- platform UreaKnowHow.com designed to exchange technical information within the urea industry.  

UreaknowHow.com came online  early 2009   with the target to improve the performance and safety of urea plants. The number of members is growing and currently   above 3600 managers and engineers (representing 98% of all urea plants worldwide) have  registered  there.

The benefits for  being a VIP-sponsors are participating in round table discussions, having access to urea e-library, receiving a quarterly  urea market update reports, latest  market updates and revamp project lists.

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