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Nitrogen & Syngas 2015 10.03.2015

Nitrogen & Syngas 2015

Nitrogen & Syngas 2015.

NIIK delegation presented by Chairman of the Board Igor Esin, General Director Oleg Kostin, Dy. General Director for R&D Nikolay Lobanov, Head of Corrosion Department Alexander Chirkov, Head of Group of Process Department Alexander Vorobev, Head of International Affairs Department Natalia Kargaeva, International Affairs Manager Alexey Andreev attended Conference and Exhibition Nitrogen & Syngas 2015 that took place on 23-26 February in Istanbul, Turkey.

For many years Conference and Exhibition Nitrogen & Syngas has been one of the most important events in the urea industry. Taking place in different parts of Europe every year it attracts more than 600 delegates from 50 countries.

The topics of papers presented at the Conference traditionally touched upon the most urgent issues and recent trends established in ammonia, urea, methanol and syngas industries in view of the current political and economic environment in the world. Among others, there were the following topics discussed at the conference: European dependence on Russian gas, The political and economic outlook for Russia and the implications for business, The near-term trajectory of the Middle East crisis and scenarios for the future.

At Seminar Urearnowhow.com, organized prior to the Conference and devoted to discussion of technical issues at urea plants, Head of Corrosion Department Alexander Chirkov gave a speech on “Calculation minimal acceptable heat exchangers tube thickness”. In addition, Alexander Chirkov together with Head of urea production at JSC Odessky Port Plant Egrishin M.E told the delegates about a revamp experience with supplying of liquid CO2 into the synthesis section.

At the Conference, Head of Group of Process Department Alexander Vorobev presented a paper «Improving energy efficiency and enhancing capacity of a urea unit through installation of a Vortex Mixer in the urea reactor». Head of International Affairs Department Natalia Kargaeva presented a paper «High Speed Drum Granulation technology as a method for urea unit capacity increase and urea quality improvement». Both papers attracted interest of the delegates as it concerned such prevailing issues as energy efficiency enhancement of urea units, final product quality improvement and production of new grades of fertilizers based on Customer’s requirements. It is important to note that a particular interest of the delegates to NIIK technologies was reinforced with the fact of successful installation of the Vortex Mixer in Urea Unit-2 at NFCL Kakinada and recent contracts for HSDG pilot units with QAFCO (Qatar) and PetroVietnam Fertilizers and Chemicals Corporation (PVFCCo). Among other papers presented at the Conference it should be mentioned about a paper presented by General Manager of Russian Project Management Department MHI Mr. Kent T. Ishizawa «Tatarstan Mendeleevsk Fertilizer Complex is ready for start-up» describing key milestones and results of the project.

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