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Commissioning and start-up phase of Mendeleevsk ammonia and methanol complex project has started 09/15/2014 The challenge of NIIK is twofold: providing water and installing storage facility.

The ammonia/methanol/urea production process requires huge amount of water, that is why special attention has been paid to modern water treatment systems, primarily reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration.
JSC "NIIK" has submitted for the State Expertise review the authority package for ammonia plant of the customer JSC "Linde Azot Toglliatti" 08/29/2014 JSC "NIIK" is the developer of the authority package of the ammonia plant with capacity of 1340 ton/per day of the product. According to the contract, the design institute has developed the authority package as well as adaptation to Russian norms and standards.
JSC "NIIK" signed a contract with "Sibmetakhim" (Tomsk) 08/22/2014 NIIK company, the winner of a tender have concluded an agreement with "Sibmetakhim". Development of investment idea and selection of efficient method for natural gas processing as the first stage will be followed by offering two options: creating ammonia-urea-melamine complex and production of synthetic liquid fuel (GTL). Evaluation of existing technologies and project resources, market analysis, analytical assessment and prognosis of costs will be prepared for each of the option.
"NIIK" is finalizing the project for "Kuibyshev Nitrogen"cyclohexanone production facility 08/18/2014 A new energy-efficient cyclohexanone production unit is being built in Togliatti. "NIIK" is involved in designing of flue gas cleaning unit, outdoor installations, industrial buildings and compressor station.

Two options were offered for gas cleaning unit: catalytic treatment of gas discharged and regenerative thermal oxidizer.
NIIK has won a tender 08/11/2014 The tender was arranged by JSC "Vostokgazprom" for "Sibmetakhim" for rendering services pertaining to "Expert analytical development of the economic efficiency of construction of chemical plant operating on conversion synthesis gas material

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