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The order of NAK Azot was completed

The design documentation for 32,5% urea solution and UAN production units was developed by NIIK for NAK Azot company (Novomoskovsk).

32,5% urea solution is an excellent system for the exhaust gas cleaning of diesel-engined vehicles. The unit with capacity 100 000TPY will be installed on the basis of urea plant 2 evaporation unit.

The construction of UAN production unit with capacity 1200 TPD will be performed at the same plant. The mixture of solution of urea and ammonium nitrate in water is the most popular nitrogen fluid fertilizer containing three nitrogen forms and making an excellent source of N nutrition for plants.

NIIK has completed authority and detailed design package for the first unit. The documentation was approved by commercial expertise. NIIK is also responsible for equipment procurement.

Authority package for UAN unit will be forwarded for expertise review in the nearest future. The detailed design will be completed by the end of November, 2014.

Ammonia production facility construction project was approved by State Expertise Committee for Linde Azot Togliatti. The plant will have a production capacity of 1,340 tonnes of ammonia per day.

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