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NIIK presentation at the 1st Iranian NITROGEN + SYNGAS 2017: further dialogue about the improvement of urea plants

On the 25-26th of November 2017 the 1st Iranian Nitrogen+Syngas conference was held in Tehran and became a milestone event for the main nitrogen fertilizers market players not only from the  Middle East region, but also from Europe, China, Canada, Japan and other countries.

Despite the existing restrictive measure against Iran, more than 200 representatives from 60 foreign companies took part in the event; most of them are interested in their business development on the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

During the Conference the participants discussed the opportunities for cooperation with Iranian partners for a near-term and long-term prospects, shared their experience in the area of nitrogen fertilizer production and mapped out further steps for cooperation with the main Iranian producers.

Significant part of all events, seminars and presentations was devoted to the technical issues in terms of increasing efficiency of fertilizer manufacturing, implementation of the advanced energy-saving technologies, diversification of product range, likewise the implementation of up-to-date engineering solutions, focused on environmental protection.

Taking into account the subject of the conference, it is obvious that the NIIK's paper “Up-to-date energy-saving technologies by NIIK” aroused a heightened interest of attendants. After the presentation the NIIK’s delegation headed by NIIK’s CEO Mr. Igor Esin conducted negotiations with the top Iranian urea producers, which immediately invited the NIIK’s specialists to visit their manufacturing facilities in the nearest future to continue the dialogue on site. Iranian companies were mostly interested in perspectives of installation of our Set of internal devices into the urea synthesis reactor and would like to know more about the advantages of such revamping at the existing old and as good as new urea plants.      

Summarizing the results of the 1st Iranian Nitrogen+Syngas it may be concluded that nowadays there are all conditions for NIIK’s services development in Iranian market. Despite the possible objective nature issues, Iranian partners are interested in NIIK’ technologies and are ready to build strong relationships based on fruitful and long-term cooperation.

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