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NIIK delegation presented by company's President Mr Igor Esin and Head of International Affairs department Mrs Natalia Kargaeva attended 2015 IFA conference held on May 25-27 in Istanbul.

This year the conference reporters mentioned the possible overstocking of fertilizer market with granulated urea. The most pressing challenges in this regard remained subsidiary performance in urea production sector in China and India and the general tendency towards fertilizers effective use. It was noted that the main strategy is based on targeted fertilization depending on soil fertility level and adaptation of various methods for fertilizer application. The High Speed Drum Granulation technology by NIIK has proven itself to be very efficient and promising: it takes its own place in technology market and offers premium quality products made from traditional raw material. IFA emphasized NIIK's contribution into preparation of analytical reviews on new/prospective projects in nitrogen industry. As a member of IFA working group NIIK now is involved into the process of studying new projects in Russia, FSU countries and Central Asia. It is noteworthy that the next IFA conference will for the first time be held in Moscow and we hope that the conference in Russia will support good tradition and provide high-level platform for business communication and exchange. In the conclusion we would like to congratulate the president of GPIC Abdulrahman Jawahery on his election as President of the International Fertilizer Industry Association. We hope that his wisdom and experience will give due consideration to the food safety concerns and expectations and will help to drive progressive initiatives forward.

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