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«Melamine 2012» conference took place in Moscow on the 9 th of November

Development Director of JSC NIIK Galina Pechnikova being a recognized expert in this field presented a paper dedicated to the problem of utility of the installation of the second melamine unit in Russia.

The second melamine unit in Russia, to her opinion, seems apparent in today's market reality. She noted, that world and Russian melamine markets are continuing to grow rapidly and has the potential to become larger. The figures of statistics of foreign companies may have been overstated and the real figures are 20-30% bigger. The Russian melamine will stimulate the market to use the product and also would be a factor contributing to development of technologies of resin and downstream products manufacturing.

A question of what technology should be chosen seems to have no clear answer, because each type of melamine produced by one or another technology has its own customer and application. Taking into consideration that low- pressure melamine plant already exists in Russia, it may seem more logical to choose a different technology to have different types of melamine material.

It should be emphasized that a fair number of nitrogen units are «technically» and «politically» ready to accept the construction of melamine unit integrated into urea unit. Taking into account ammonia and carbon oxide recycling, integration process is extremely difficult to achieve. JSC NIIK always choose the best possible solution to the problem, being aware of all the peculiarities of urea units in Russia as well as melamine production technologies used.

The opinion of JSC NIIK in the question of melamine projects realization is always considered professional. With 60 years experience and history of completing similar melamine projects we successfully use our own technology and work with foreign licensors. This year EuroChem announced the launch of Russia's first melamine production line. The plant was built with the help of JSC NIIK which continues providing full range of services and proudly invite all interested companies to cooperation.

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