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Commissioning and start-up phase of Mendeleevsk ammonia and methanol complex project has started

The challenge of NIIK is twofold: providing water and installing storage facility. The ammonia/methanol/urea production process requires huge amount of water, that is why special attention has been paid to modern water treatment systems, primarily reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration. Circulating water within a circuit, the system requires a large amount of water. Desalted water which is partly used for water circulation extends equipment lifecycle and improves process efficiency. Modern forced cooling system applied for cooling towers allowed to reduce the number of towers used and their footprint area to 2,5 times. Water will be supplied to pump stations, pipelines with total length of 50 km аnd biological treatment plants. The technological process will be controlled by only four operators: reducing the number of stuff was made possible by taking effective complete automation solutions. As for storage facilities, entire urea storage facility will be completed till December, 31, 2014. New design concept and offered technical solutions allowed to reduce expenses of material and labor costs. Now the installation of main technological equipment has started-new Schade Lagertechnik GmbH kratzer crane is being set. Ammonia-methanol complex construction is a milestone event for the whole region. It is often visited by senior government officials, Rostechnadzor delegations and specialists from other nitrogen fertilizer production facilities.

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