Website use agreement

Processing of personal data

Dear User, thank you for visiting our Website!

Please read the present Agreement carefully, before start using the Website. You must follow all the present Agreement terms. In case, your disagreement with Agreement terms, you could not use the Website or any services, applications available on Website, as well as visit web pages, which are in Website domain zone. The start of Website using means the proper conclusion of present Agreement and Your full consent to all its terms.

1. Terms and definitions

1.1.   Company – JSC NIIK.

1.2. User – person with access to applications, services and information available on the Website.

1.3.   Website – Website of Company, available in the Internet at:, as well as other Company websites, containing the link to the present Agreement.

1.4. Agreement – present Agreement between User and Company, aimed at rules for Website use establishment, including graphic images and audio-visual products, design elements and means of identification, text information and documentation, computer applications and files for downloading, any other Website materials, objects as well as terms and regulations for data and materials hosting by User in respective Website sections.   

2. General provisions and terms

2.1.    Any materials, files and services available at Website could be used in any form, using any methods, wholly or partly without prior written Company’s approval, except the cases, specified in present Agreement. By using of Website materials including copyrighted works, link to the Website is required, as well as the text of specified link must contain no false, misleading or offensive information. Translation, processing, any Website materials modification, as well as any other actions, including deletion, modification up to unfeatured information and information regarding copyrights and copyright holders – is prohibited.

2.2.  Access to information, which could be found in protected Website sections, allowed only for registered Users, who got the password for protected sections entrance. It is prohibited to share the password with other persons and User takes responsibility for all damages, suffered by him, Company or third parties, and caused by intended or unintended password sending to other persons. User takes responsibility for password confidentiality maintaining and any use of Website, using his password.

2.3. Any use of Website materials available at protected Website sections and at its sub-sections, is prohibited in any form.

2.4. Any computer applications, which could be downloaded from Website (hereinafter – Applications), are protected by copyright legislation, and belong to intellectual property of Company, its partners or other third parties, which authorized a Company to use such Applications. Regulations, terms and limits of Applications use, are regulated by licensing agreement provisions. User agrees with the provisions during installation, launching and use of application. Violation of licensing agreement terms could lead to application of public, administrative and/or criminal liability with respect to User.        

User is not entitled to use, disseminate, modify or use the Application by any other method, if respective method is not provided in the Application licensing agreement.

2.5.    Current edition of present Agreement is available on the Internet and could be found on the Website. Company is entitled to change the terms of present Agreement at any time and unilaterally. Such changes will become effective after 2 (two) days from the date of a new version of Agreement posting on a Website. In case of User disagreement with changes made, he must delete all the Website materials, except the Applications, which he could legally use, afterwards User must stop Website materials and services using. Your permanent access to Website means your meaningful acceptance of amended agreement. Due to this fact, You must review the present Agreement and additional terms or notifications available on Website regularly.   

2.6.    In case if User is a member of Company’s partner program and the respective contract is signed between the parties, hence the terms of such contract, regarding the Website use, take precedence over present agreement terms.   

3. User responsibilities

3.1.    User agrees not to take actions, which could be considered as violation of Russian legislation or rules of international law, including intellectual property, copyrights and/or related rights, as well as any actions, which lead or could lead to Website and its services normal operation disruption.

3.2. Any means of identification, including trademarks and service marks, logotypes and logos, available on Website pages, qualified as intellectual property of its copyright holders. It is prohibited for Website User to use in any form all the above-mentioned means of identification and/or its elements without prior written approval of respective copyright holders.  

3.3. User guarantees that he is entitled to have all necessary rights and powers, according to the present Agreement terms and such actions could not be considered as violation of legally protected rights and interests of third parties, international agreements and Russian current legislation.

3.4. On an independent basis, User takes responsibility for any information and materials, posted on Website. Company does not initiate the post of specified information, does not choose the information recipient, does not affect the content and integrity of information posted. Additionally, at the moment of posting, Company does not know and could not know, whether such posting violates the Russian current legislation or not, however Company is entitled to monitor, look through and/or delete any information and materials, posted on Website by User.     

3.5. In case of third parties claims against Company, connected with violation of present Agreement terms, information posted on Website by User, who undertakes to resolve such claims on independent basis and to compensate for Company all incurred damages and losses, including paying fines, legal fees, costs and compensations.      

3.6. Company takes no responsibility for User Website visit, as well as for his use of external resources (Third Parties Websites), links on which could be found at Website. Company takes no responsibility for accuracy, reliability, authenticity and security of any information, materials, recommendations and services, available at external resources. Using of external resources voluntary carried out by User, at its sole discretion, determination and risk.   

3.7.  Under no circumstances, including, but not limited to carelessness or negligence of User, Company takes no responsibility for any damage (direct or indirect, accidental or logical) including, but not limited to data or profit loss, connected with ability or inability to use Website, information, programs, files or materials, available at Website, even if Company or its representatives have been warned about possibility of such loss. In case of Website usage leads to necessity of additional service, corrections or repairs of any equipment, as well as data recovery, all related costs payed by User.      

4. Conditions of personal data processing and use.

By acceptance of present Agreement terms, User consents to:

4.1. Personal data provision, including Surname, Name, Paternal name, e-mail address, phone number, date of birth, region, city, company, job title for processing by Company, of its own free will and in its own interest.

Purpose for personal data processing:

- Provision of Website services to User;

- Notifications, regarding Website services;

- Preparation and answering User requests;

- Sending the information regarding events, hosted by Company;

- Sending the information regarding the Company products and services.

List of actions with personal data, with which User agrees: collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, adjustment (updating, modification), application, anonymization, transfer to third parties for above-mentioned purposes, as well as any other actions according to the current Russian legislation, using both automated and non-automated methods.

Company is committed to take all necessary measures to protect User personal data from illegal access or disclosure.

Present Agreement is effective until User withdrawal by sending respective notification to

5. Miscellaneous provisions

5.1. Website materials and services application, as well as User materials posting on Website, regulated by current Russian legislation provisions. All possible disputes derive from or connected with present Agreement, should be settled according to the current Russian legislation as Company’s location.

5.2. Nothing in Agreement could be considered as agent relations establishment between User and Company, partners’ relations, relations for mutual activities, relations based on own hire or other relations, which are not explicitly stipulated by the Agreement.

5.3. If any part of this Agreement is judicially found void and unenforceable, it will not affect the validity of the balance of the Agreement, which shall remain valid and enforceable according to its terms.

5.4.    In case of any User violation of Agreement terms, company’s inaction does not deprive Company of right to take the respective measures in order to protect its interests and copyrights for protected Website materials according to legislation.

User confirms that he got an understanding of all present Agreement terms and unconditionally accepts it.