Сonsent to personal data processing

Processing of personal data

Hereby I, (hereinafter referred “Personal data subject”), in accordance with Federal Law “On personal data” as of July 27th , 2006 No 152-FZ, of my own free, volition and in my own interest, consent Joint Stock Community “Research and Design Institute of Urea and Organic Synthesis Products” (JSC «NIIK») (registered office address: 31 Griboedov street, Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region, 606008, Russia) to my personal data processing, specified by web-form filling on a website of «NIIK» www.niik.ru (hereinafter referred “Website”), which is sent (filled) with the use of Website.

By personal data, I mean any information, related to me, as to Personal data subject, including my name, surname, patronymic, address, education, profession, contact details (phone number, fax, email and mail address), photos and other information. By personal data processing, I mean collection, systematization, accumulation, adjustment, update, modification, application, dissemination, transfer, including cross-border data transfer, data anonymization, blocking, deletion, permanent storage) and any other activities (operations) with personal data.

Personal data processing of Personal data subject is carried out solely for the purposes of user identification, newsletter mail-out, job applicants’ registration, partner’s application execution for participating in events.

Date of consent issuance to personal data processing of Personal data subject is the date of web registration form sending from the NIIK website.

Personal data processing of Personal data subject could be carried out by automation equipment and/or without automation equipment according to the current Russian legislation and NIIK internal regulations.

NIIK takes the necessary legal, organizational and technical measures or ensures that the measures will be taken for personal data security against illegal or random access, deletion, modification, blocking, copying, provision, personal data dissemination as well as against other illegal actions in relation to personal data, additionally it assumes the obligation of personal data confidentiality of Personal data subject. NIIK could involve subcontractors for personal data processing of Personal data subject, as well as to transfer the personal data to its affiliates for processing, while ensuring the respective obligations of personal data confidentiality.

I have read and understood that:

1. This Consent to my personal data processing, indicated during online registration on NIIK website, which is sent (filled) with the use of website, is of unlimited duration;

2. I could withdraw the Consent, based on free-form written application;

3. Third parties personal data provision without their consent, involves responsibility in accordance with current Russian legislation.