Feasibility studies

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Being an expert at creating feasibility studies for chemical facilities NIIK is able to conduct comprehensive feasibility studies that provide the necessary check (feasibility evaluation, business plans development, development of Declaration of intent for investment, cost-benefit evaluation).

The main purpose remains evaluating the project´ s potential for success, its cost and determining whether the proposal is technically feasible or not accounting all the details of the operations. 

Our services within Feasibility Studies include:

1. Comparative review of existing technologies of company- licensers, evaluation of alternatives, providing justification for the approach selected.
2. Comparison of possible processes according to their level of economic efficiency, capital cost and technical resources organization.
3. Determining auxiliary facilities, brief description of the facilities to be constructed.
4. Testing geographical location and ground area requirements for construction project with details for each technological object. 
5. Estimation of investment costs (CAPEX). 
6. Evaluation of operating expenses (OPEX). 
7. Estimation of the cost of production with a breakdown by cost category. 
8. Identification of the main factors and analysis of risks affecting the economic efficiency of investment. 
9. Financial plan of the project.
10. Environmental impact assessment. 
11. Market research study and analysis. 
12. Conclusions and suggestions. 
13. Applications (diagrams, graphics, calculations, etc)

List and scope of services can be modified and extended at the request of the Customer.

Recent references

1. Ammonia-urea complex construction, the project is under development 
2. Rosstroy, Novocherkassk, Russia – ammonia-urea complex construction, the project is under development
3. National Chemical Group, Moscow, Russia –mineral fertilizers production unit construction (Kozmino, Primorsky territory), Declaration of intention development (2013)
4. ICM, Saint-Petersburg, Russia – ammonia – granulated urea complex construction, Declaration of intention development (2013)
5. Minudobreniya, Rossosh, Russia. – grass-root ammonia-urea complex construction, 2012
6. ShchekinoAzot, Shchekino, Russia – grass-root ammonia-urea complex construction, 2011 
7. Balakovo Mineral Fertilisers, Balakovo, Russia – grass-root liquid ammonia storage unit construction, 2010
8. Promsintez, Chapaevsk – concentrated nitric acid production unit construction (capacity 70000/year, 2009
9. MINUDOBRENIYA, Rossosh, Russia – urea production unit construction (capacity 1500 t/d, 2008)
10. MINUDOBRENIYA, Rossosh, Russia – melamine production unit construction (capacity 30000/year), 2008 
11. NAK Azot (EuroChem), Novomoskovsk, Russia – urea production unit revamping aimed to capacity increase up to 2000 t\day, 2007
12. Kuibyshev Azot, Togliatti, Russia – urea production units construction (capacity 1500 t/d), ammonia production unit construction (capacity 1500 t/d), 2006